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Arista Erini Putri was born in Semarang, Central Java, in 1990. She has 1 brother and 1 sister and she is the 2nd. When she was in elementary school, she likes sings everytime with her sister. She was always match her clothes with her sister, and everyone who were seen us, be sure they think we were the twins.

Arista was school in Senior High School 14 of Bandung. There, she was joined an organization of her school called OSIS. When Arista was there, she’s very happy, because she has a lot of friends, and she got many more of new knowledges.

During she was 6-8 years old, she always partook of singing competitions. Altought she didn’t won, the little Arista always cheer up and always positive thinking that in another time, she will get an award.

After graduating from the Senior High School she continued her study to Telkom Insitute of Management, Undergraduate Program – Accountancy. She chose that academic field because of desiring herself become an expert and success accountant, and having some experiences in economy’s world.



1. Are your answers correct?

Dear Mr. Dadang Iskandar,

My name’s Arista Erini Putri. I’m 18 years old. I’m from Bandung.

I’m student at Telkom Insitute of Management. I’m in class D - Accountancy.

My father’s name is Hery Wiyono. He’s 46 years old.

My mother’s name is Ani Susanti. She’s 45 years old.

I’ve got 1 brother and 1 sister. Their names are Ryan and Yoan.

I’m interested in music and films but I’m not interested in sport especially running. I’m good at singing and a little of drawing. In my bedroom, I’ve got a part of computer, and a music player to play my favourite music everyday.

Please write soon. Best wishes,

Arista Erini Putri

2. Can you answer these questions?

  1. What’s your surname? My surname’s Putri
  2. How old is you? I’m 18 years old
  3. Where’s you from? I’m from Bandung
  4. What’s the name of your school? Telkom Insitute of Management
  5. What class is you in? I’m in class D - Accountancy
  6. What’s your father’s name? My father’s name is Hery Wiyono
  7. How old is he? He’s 46 years old
  8. What’s your mother’s name? My mother’s name is Ani Susanti
  9. How old is she? She’s 45 years old
  10. How many brothers and sisters has you got? I’ve got 1 brother and 1 sister
  11. What are their names? Their names are Yoan and Ryan
  12. What’s you interested in? I’m interested in music and films
  13. What isn’t you interested in? I’m not interested in sport especially running
  14. What’s you good at? I’m good at singing and a little of drawing
  15. What’s you got in your bedroom? In my bedroom, I’ve got a part of computer, and a music player to play my favourite music everyday.


Wilma Rudolf


Wilma Rudolf was born in Clarksville,Tennessee,in 1940. There were twenty-two children in her family. Wilma was not a strong child. When she was very young, she got a disease called polio. Wilma’s leg began to have problems. Wilma’s family loved and helped her. Her mother and her sisters massaged her bad leg. The doctor put a brace on her leg for six years. One lucky day when she was twelve, the doctor took off the brace.

At high school Wilma started on run. Soon she won every race she ran. At age fifteen she prepared for the national races. She won all nine of the races. The next year, 1956, Wilma was in the Olympic games in Australia. Wilma came back with a bronze medal.

In 1960 Wilma went to the Olympic games in Italy. The weather was very hot just as it was in Tennessee. The Italians cheered her, Wilma won the 100 meter, 200 meter, and the 400 meter relay. Wilma Rudolf was the first American woman to win three Olympic gold medals.

In 1963 Wilma got her degree in education. That year she married her high school sweetheart, and have four children.



A. Looking for the Main Ideas

1. When she was young, Wilma had problems with her ____________

a. doctor

b. mother

c. leg

2. At high School Wilma _________________________

a. started to run and won every race

b. started to run with a brace

c. ran for Australia

3. In the Olympic games of 1960, Wilma _______________________

a. won a bronze medal

b. won three gold medal

c. won because she was a woman

B. Looking for Details

Circle T if the sentence is true. Circle F if the sentence is false.

1. Wilma was a strong child. False

2. Wilma had a brace on her leg for twelve years. False

3. When she was fifteen, she ran for the national races. True

4. In 1956 the Olympic games were in Italy. False

5. Wilma won three gold medals in 1960. True

6. Wilma got married in 1963. True


Find words in A and B opposite that match these definicions

1. A file that has been included as part of an email message. Attachment files

2. Conventional mail delivered very slowly in contrast with email. The post, Snail Mail

3. Symbols used to express emoticons in an email. Smileys

4. The part of the email address that indentifies the user of the service. Username

5. The computer that provide you with mail service. Internet Service Provider

6. A facility that allows users to send and receive messages via the Internet. Electronic mail ( E-mail )

7. The part of the email where you write the information about the addresses and subject. The header

8. The part of the email address that identifies the server. The Domain Name

9. The place where your Internet Service Provider stores new mail for you. Mailbox / Inbox

Look at the main parts of an email message in B. Where would you write the information below? What additional information do the TI.Ds ( Top-Level Domains ) of the addresses give you?

1. ( into the header “TO”, it’s the name and address of the recipient )

2. Eleanor Richardson ( the name of Sender )


3.; ( into the header “CC”, it’s another addresses i.e. Mary’s mail and Susan’s Mail, if you want to copy and send message for them in the same way )

4. Plane Tickets ( into the header “SUBJECT”, it’s topic of the message )

5. Peter,

I’ve already booked the plane tickets to attend the Manager’s Conference. Mary an Susan are joining us. ( into The Body, it’s message that Eleanor Richardson want to send )

A manager is giving his colleagues some advice on how to prevent spam. Complete the sentences with the words in the box

Mailing list Spam Email Address Newsgroups Spammers

1. Never ever replay to a spam email or click on a link within the mail – this will lead to more junk mail being sent to you. Unsubscribing only confirms you do actually exist, so they’ve hit the jackpot.

2. Don’t let your email address be displayed anywhere on the Internet, including mailing list, chat rooms or any websites.

3. Never forward a spam to other people – spammers might be able to track their addresses too, and you could end up losing friends!

4. Send your emails on a strictly ‘need to know’ basis: don’t include everyone on a newsgroups, unless it is necessary.

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